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What's new?

Jan. 15th 2015:
  • The new consoles look pretty darn solid, so they're here to stay! Toot toot.
  • There's a new second mobile design tier that should allow tablets to make better use of the space.

Nov. 19th 2014:
Currently testing stock prices on the new consoles. It looks good so far; updating as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

Jul. 7th 2014:
Time zones have been added. About time! ... zone. The mobile version should also apply to a larger range of screen sizes to accommodate fancy new phones.

Future plans:
  • Adding a second mobile tier so it doesn't just go from tiny to huge.
  • Possibly expanding the price history and graph to go back further than 30 days.
  • Something else you'd like to see? Let me know

Jul. 3rd 2014:
The mathemagics that check for price changes have been changed and simplified a little. It now simply looks at current value instead of price changes. It also means that subscriptions created for amounts like 0.01 or 9999999 will receive notifications. The old way was unnecessary complicated, and this new method should be faster and more efficient. So if you're here because you suddenly received an alert about a subscription for some possibly ridiculous amount that hasn't expired yet, that'd be why. :)

Jun. 23rd 2014:
The e-mail provider for BAWSAQ Alerts has been changed. Hopefully, there shouldn't be any more problems.

As you're probably aware, Grand Theft Auto V is coming out for the next gen consoles and PC this fall. It's still unclear whether they're going to use the existing BAWSAQ network or expand upon it, but BAWSAQ Alerts will be updated to reflect these changes as soon as possible.

What is BAWSAQ Alerts?
BAWSAQ Alerts is a web application that lets you subscribe to stocks on GTAV's BAWSAQ stock market, and notifies you by e-mail when they reach the value that you've set. The service has been in operation since the original console release of GTAV, and has sent out over 10,000 e-mail alerts so far. This is a non-profit, entirely fan-made project, and is not affiliated with R* in any way. Comments? Feedback? Suggestions? Hate mail? Shoot me a line at
How come the numbers don't always match up with the Social Club BAWSAQ?
BAWSAQ Alerts gets the numbers from the same location used by R* to populate the Social Club BAWSAQ. However, BAWSAQ Alerts doesn't necessarily update at the same time as the Social Club BAWSAQ, so sometimes we'll be a little bit behind, other times we'll be a little bit ahead(!) and sometimes the numbers will match perfectly.