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Jan. 21st 2014:
The e-mail provider for BAWSAQ Alerts had flagged the account as a spammer due to the amount of e-mails being sent out. As a result, e-mail alerts hadn't been sent out in a roughly 24-hour window. The subscriptions affected have all been restored, and everyone affected has been notified. I'll be looking into finding a more reliable e-mail provider, as well.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Nov. 15th 2013:
30 day view added to stock price histories.

Oct. 29th 2013:
  • Due to popular demand (and also because it makes a lot of sense, I guess), date labels were added to the historic charts
  • Fixed the weekly chart on mobile devices. It should be less "squished" now
  • Company summaries were added to the price history overview. Just hit the tiny button
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What is BAWSAQ Alerts?
BAWSAQ Alerts is a web application that lets you subscribe to stocks on GTAV's BAWSAQ stock market, and notifies you by e-mail when they reach the value that you've set. The service has been in operation since the console release of GTAV, and has sent out a whopping 5000+ e-mail alerts so far. This is a non-profit, entirely fan-made project, and is not affiliated with R* in any way. Comments? Feedback? Suggestions? Hate mail? Shoot me a line
How come the numbers don't always match up with the Social Club BAWSAQ?
BAWSAQ Alerts gets the numbers from the same location used by R* to populate the Social Club BAWSAQ. However, BAWSAQ Alerts doesn't necessarily update at the same time as the Social Club BAWSAQ, so sometimes we'll be a little bit behind, other times we'll be a little bit ahead(!) and sometimes the numbers will match perfectly.